SHIFT is for the woman who values her autonomy. She knows that boring, depriving diets don’t work for her. She wants to be coached with mutual respect and compassion. She's ready for the deeper work on her health mindset.

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Hello there, beautiful woman. I see you.

You’ve created a pretty successful life for yourself, but when it comes to your eating habits & fitness, the word success doesn’t quite "fit". When it comes to work, you’re razor- sharp and a thorough professional.

You’re able to take on challenges head on, plan ahead, manage other people, coordinate so many moving pieces, overcome time and resource constraints, have difficult conversations… and actually get things DONE. But when it comes to taking care of your OWN health, it’s slippery slope. Whether it’s something as small as eating early dinner OR something as big as sticking to an exercise schedule, you’re somehow not able to display the same level of leadership or professionalism.

You keep making new promises to yourself. And you keep breaking them.

This is slowly chipping away at your self-confidence.

Then you look around at friends/colleagues who’re managing their fitness routines.

And you wonder if you’re, in some way..... uniquely “broken”?

You’re a good human being… a good parent, a decent spouse, and overall your life is rather successful…. And yet, why does this whole health and weight loss seem to be SO outside your reach??

The truth is that you’ve been lied to.

The health & weight-loss paradigm you have been sold is for perfect looking people with perfect bodies, perfect habits and perfect lives.

And as you already know, perfect does NOT exist.

We are bombarded with "suggestions" 24/7, as to what being healthy and fit SHOULD look like:

Hmm. The saddest part is that you DO kind of agree with all of this….

And yet.... You can’t get yourself to DO these things. Well, then, says our perfection-obsessed media - “Admit it. You probably don’t WANT your health badly enough.”

Here’s what I think:

I think you worry about non-issues.

I think there’s a VERSION of health and fitness that’s unique and accessible to each of us.

For you to change your habits and step into the persona of a woman who "loves" taking care of herself, you need to drop the following FIVE things:

Self-criticism. You “think” all the daant-phatkaar and self-shaming should help, but in fact, it keeps you stuck.

Not trusting your body. Not respecting your bodies' hunger, fullness and satisfaction signals.

Operating in terms of All or Nothing. Either going “all guns blazing at 100% intensity” or falling way down to ‘0’.

Labelling foods as Good or Evil, or worse, referring to yourself as Saint or Sinner, depending on what you've eaten.

Underestimating general movement and rest.

Being healthy while living a regular life doesn’t have to be set in a perfectly coloured routine. There are a ton of shades, each of which can truly be healthy “enough”.

Come, say it with me:

"Dear perfect, motivated, strong-willed health and weight loss, it's time for you to go to hell."

There is a new way to create better eating habits and movement routines. A simpler, deeper, more accessible way. Let me show you.

Are you ready to start experiencing the SHIFT ?

SHIFT investment is INR 9,900 pm. You can make payment by credit cards, debit cards, UPI etc. 

Introducing SHIFT

Inside SHIFT, I help you harness the power of your attention, to carve out the self-care and body that you desire.

We do this by helping you :

Understand your body’s signals of hunger, fullness and desire for food

Respond to them with compassion and

Apply this attitude into how you move, rest and take care of yourself.

Inside SHIFT, I help you relax into becoming a Mindful Eater and someone who takes care of her health, out of love rather than as a to-do.

As you practise the skills of building mindfulness and self-compassion into your eating habits, you become a person who’s so deeply attuned into her body, that eating mindlessly starts seeming unnecessary, even alien. And the attitude of awareness and self-kindness seeps into how you choose to move your body, how you rest, how you talk to yourself… so that, taking care of your body happens naturally, lovingly and consistently, rather than from a distant set of rules and dictats. 

Over time, you start to trust your body’s signals of hunger, cravings and desires… as teachers to be listened to and received, and not as noises to be dismissed or avoided.

What you learn and practice inside


I believe that just changing what you eat is like treating a symptom. Inside SHIFT, we go way deeper and peel off the layers inside, that influence our food choices. We’ll work on building these key skills to become a mindful and self-aware eater and self-carer:

Self-Compassion and Self-Talk Skills

As you think and feel, so shall you act. Research shows that having a healthy self-compassion promotes lasting change and sustenance. And yet, in the pushing-and-achieving narrative, it can feel hard to be kinder to oneself and be truly mindful of our needs. Ironically, in times when self-criticism fails to get you to move your butt, it is this very self-compassion that nudges you to show up.

Mindful Eating & Building deep, body awareness skills.

All humans come equipped with automatic calorie-metres that dictate the amounts of food they need. These are your hunger and fullness levels. But like all things nature made, these signals are subtle and to truly tune into them, one needs to slow down and listen, through mindful eating. You’ll learn all of these inside "SHIFT"… as these are the core skills on which a compassionate eater is made.

Cultivating the magic of a well-rested body.

As you sleep, so shall you reap. We live in a sleep-deprived world today, where late nights and early mornings are normalised and celebrated. They may not be “bad”, but if you’re continuously denying your body the rest it needs, then you’re making its job of staying healthy and disease-free way tougher. Not everyone needs to sleep for eight hours. But everyone does need to know how to inject rest, self-soothing and recovery practices into their day. When you’re well rested, your brain is sharper, you have more self-awareness and way more emotional resilience.

Enjoying movement as self-care, not as punishment

Human bodies are MEANT to move. Having a working set of limbs is a privilege that most people enjoy. Yet, somewhere, staying active went from being a natural state to a forced state. Inside SHIFT, I help you rediscover the joy of moving your body, on your own terms. Throw away the “shoulds”, the “fasted cardios” and the “spot reduction exercises”. Welcome a way of moving that’s aligned with YOU… and never find it a chore again, to move your body.

Choosing nourishing foods, minus the rules.

Inside SHIFT, I encourage you to draw a vision for yourself…. What does a healthier, fitter, happier YOU look like? What foods does she enjoy? How does she choose foods that help her stay energetic, mentally sharp and strong? And from those values, we help you design your plate.. On YOUR terms. We lay down what different foods do for you, and we encourage you to experiment with your plate to arrive at a template which works for you, given your unique preferences, tastes, family tradition, culture and your goals. There are no diet-plans prescribed and nor is there any style of eating considered as superior to another.


What’s inside SHIFT Program

50+ Bite-Sized Videos

There are 50+ bite-sized educational videos that delve deep into the concepts of mindful eating, consistency hunger awareness, permission to eat, self-compassion, movement, rest and sleep… and how to manage an anxious mind through this journey.

Weekly Coaching Calls

One Live Group Coaching Call every week - for you to ask questions regarding your progress, and get coached on your struggles, by me.

Printable Lesson PDF’s

Printable PDFs of all the video transcripts, for those of you who learn better by reading than by watching. And for when you want to refresh or deeply integrate some older concepts, again, while quietly sipping chai in your balcony, with a SHIFT folder in hand.

Private Community

Private Community (NOT on social media) for you to share your progress, your reflections and your struggles and feel supported by me and by other students.

Personalised Accountability

Your Coach will be personally checking in with you privately every week (via the Coaching App) to evaluate your progress, struggles, a-ha moments and more.

Small Group Coaching

If you're unable to make it to the live calls, you get to ask questions, share struggles inside the Private Community and you will receive coaching and support from the Coach as well as from other members.

Are you ready to start experiencing the SHIFT ?

SHIFT investment is INR 9,900 pm. You can make payment by credit cards, debit cards, UPI etc. 

My Story

I’m Jasneet Kaur, a Master Health Coach, Behaviour Change Ninja and a mindful eating buff who cares deeply about women showing up better for their health.

Over the past five years, I’ve coached 100+ women so as to adopt better habits, develop unshakable self-control around food, fall in love with their bodies and at the same time, embrace the work of changing them.

Before working with me, almost all my clients used to feel that they truly lacked the discipline or the willpower to make their health a priority. But, as together we dipped into helping them build a much deeper awareness of their own eating, movement and rest habits… and an awareness of their own mindset in changing these, we saw that what kept them stuck was not lack of discipline, but rather a lack of “self-compassion”

That’s why I created SHIFT.

Coz it’s time to shatter the old paradigm of healthy eating habits and consistent exercise requiring steely willpower, rock-hard self-control, perfection and self-sacrifice.

Instead, it’s time to welcome imperfection, bodily awareness and deep seated self-trust… which makes the way for habits that are not just effortless but also unshakable over the decades.

Come, join me, my friend. Let’s change how we eat. Let’s change how we move and how we rest. One thought at a time, one action at a time, one habit at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This program is for women who struggle with
    • emotional eating, stress eating or mindless eating.
    • Self-control around food
    • placing their health at the END of their to-do list.
    • Feeling stuck inside endless start-stop and start-stop routines when it comes to exercise
    • Losing weight, without another “diet”.

  2. More than anything, it’s for the women who want to shake up how they’ve shown up for their health and fitness.
  • Yes. Several habits taught in this program are very helpful in losing weight sustainably. Having said that, there are no daily/weekly measurements, weigh-ins, diet plans or calorie counting. Instead, you will be encouraged to commit to inculcating the habits and embrace the identity of a person who cares deeply about their health…. and allow weight-loss to happen as a by-product.
  • SHIFT is a 24 week program that’s designed as a 2-phase program. The 1st 16 weeks are focussed on Core Behaviours (Nutrition, Mindful Eating, Hunger & Fullness, Movement, etc). The 2nd 8-week Phase is focussed on Advanced Mindset Training & Coaching so as to sustain the behaviour changes in the long run.
    • You will be spending time in
      • learning from the educational videos
      • getting coached on the live calls
      • applying what you learn
    • There are 10-12 practices. Each practice has 2-3 bite-sized, explanatory videos. If we  work through one practice in 2 weeks, that would mean about 30 mins of video viewing per week. If you were to also answer the worksheets (again, recommended but not “essential”).. then you could spend an additional 30 mins on those per week. The 75-min long weekly coaching calls are a great way to ask questions, get coached, listen to others being coached and deeply internalise what you’re learning in the program… and again, they’re highly recommended, but not essential to attend.
    • Applying what you learn will take you 25-30 mins of daily time investment.
  1. The coaching calls are a place for you to be coached on your struggles with applying the habits and concepts that you’re learning inside SHIFT.
  2. These will be hosted on Zoom and will be open to all the members of SHIFT to attend. Members who want to ask questions will raise their hand, and the coach will invite them to ask their questions and be coached.
  3. Remember this: as humans, we struggle with very similar problems which present themselves differently in our unique life situations. So, even if “you” are not getting coached directly, simply keeping a learner’s mind while listening to other members getting coached will clarify several of your own experiences.
  • Making time for what you consider as an important priority in your life, will be something that you will be encouraged to do, throughout SHIFT. If making the most of SHIFT is important to you, then it’s best to schedule the weekly calls on your calendar, and give them as much importance, as you would, to a recurring work meeting.
  • All calls will be recorded and replays will be made available to watch later, in case you miss attending them live.
  • You can also ask questions inside the private community
  • No. SHIFT is a general-habit-change program based on mindset and change psychology. It is not a replacement to, or an addition to a doctor’s advice. There will be NO advice on the program with regards to dealing with any medical conditions.
  • SHIFT is welcome to people from different eating styles – whether plant-based, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. SHIFT doesn’t hold ANY particular style of eating as superior to another.
  • SHIFT doesn’t prescribe any diet-plans, macro-counting, food-weighing or calorie-counting. It will help you develop a general understanding of different food groups (macronutrients) and provide you with practical tools to incorporate them into your diet, basis your style of eating.
  • No. But through the SHIFT Work, you will begin to develop a happy relationship with movement and exercise. The Coach will share trusted external resources from time to time, but exercise programming is not a part of SHIFT.

Are you ready to start experiencing the SHIFT ?

SHIFT investment is INR 9,900 pm. You can make payment by credit cards, debit cards, UPI etc.